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Follow-up: St. Johns’ Sea Turtles Make a Comeback

New born sea turtle walking on the sand coming out from nest

By: Maya Albold

Sea turtles act as key figures in the coastal environment of Florida. This similarly applies to Saint Johns County, encompassing significant amounts of coastline and

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Regulations Rooted in Removal

By Maya Albold

If a tree is cut down on private property and no permit is necessary to remove it, can government officials make a sound?

The answer, as of July 1, 2019,  is likely no. A new law,

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The Decline of Saint Johns’ Sea Turtles

By Maya Albold

Sea turtles are an essential aspect of the beaches along the Florida coast’s natural environment. The animals play important roles in the ecosystem’s food web and habitat structure but are extremely vulnerable to environmental changes and human

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Plastic Straws and Waterfront Businesses

By Cassidy Strauss, Flagler Student

Sen. Travis Hutson, R- Palm Coast, proposed a bill in the beginning of March which would put a 5-year moratorium on plastic straws in Florida until a study on their environmental effects is concluded.


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